Micronclean updates product labels to cope with demand from export markets

Published: 19-Jul-2019

Following increasing demand for its disinfectant and cleaning products, the company has enhanced its existing product labels to ensure it remains compliant

Micronclean has generated an enhanced label that enables the company to remain compliant with labelling regulations and allows it to carry up to five languages in addition to English.

The current label can only carry two languages in addition to English. These five languages have also been logically grouped into geographic regions to enhance the ability to service export customers.

The result of these changes is that the product code for the existing CleanGuard 1 IPA 500ml Trigger Spray Sterile will migrate from the current ZSAL64499 to ZSAL64499-A for region A orders, ZSAL64499-B for region B orders and so on. This regionalisation only affects products with active chemicals.

Regional labels in use

Micronclean updates product labels to cope with demand from export markets

For a UK consumable customer, the default option will always be that they order region A products and they will normally receive region A products.

However, as the English language is present on all the labels and labelling regulations are common across regions A-E, Micronclean might on occasion substitute the same product with a region B label.

For a Micronclean customer in Turkey, for example, the product should always be ordered for region D and to comply with the local language regulations we will supply the product with region D labelling.

Although English is present on all the labels, for regions G and I the products are destined for Australia and India only.

This is because they have to conform to a different set of labelling regulations and as such products can only be sold and used in these countries.

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