New Teknomek boot racks: Greater capacity, smaller footprint

Addition to the furniture portfolio includes mobile, static and wall mounted boot racks

The height of the racks has been
increased to 1605 mm

Teknomek, the hygienic furniture specialist, has released new mobile, static and wall mounted boot racks. The upgraded product range have been designed to hold more pairs without increasing the width of the unit.

Commenting on the new launch, Sue Springett, Teknomek’s Commercial Manager, said: “Feedback from some customers has been that their space is at a premium. While many need greater storage capacity, they won't always have enough room for more racks. Often it’s best not to overthink the design process, so we made the units taller.”

The height of the space-saving racks has been increased to 1605 mm, which provides space for at least two more pairs on each unit. Despite the extra capacity, the lightweight new racks are only marginally heavier than the previous generation.

Springett continued: “We were able to keep the weight down by removing the front bar from the design. Clients told us this would make clean down easier in providing better access from all angles.”

The racks are built from hygienic 304-grade stainless steel and the design features no edges that could collect dirt. Boots are stored on curved prongs at a 90-degree angle so the insides will not get wet during cleaning.

Each model offers multiple variants offering the capacity to neatly store between eight and 32 pairs of boots.

The standard width is 607mm and the depth of 530mm, which offers easy access. Teknomek will introduce lockable boot racks later in the year.

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