New heat sealer from Nelipak

For packaging medical devices in Class 7 cleanrooms

The Nelipak NX-T1 is suitable for use in Class 7 cleanroom environments

Dutch medical thermoforming specialist Nelipak Healthcare Packaging has launched a tabletop tray heat sealer, used for packaging items in Class 7 cleanroom environments.

Manufactured in stainless steel for ease of cleaning, the NX-T1 machine is easy to use and requires little maintenance, the company says.

The heat sealer features a 'hands-free' sealing system, which automatically closes to begin a sealing process and opens when this is complete, reducing the risk of contamination. It also features new software, including an upgraded Siemens PLC HDMI Controller.

The NX-T1 includes a function that allows the user to ensure the correct tool set – the tools inside the machine used to finish the trim of the package – is selected in combination with a particular recipe of plastics needed for the package. If the wrong combination is selected, the machine automatically locks up.

Nelipak says it has made the new model more user-friendly to reduce operator discomfort.