Panel Built introduces modular isolation rooms to contain coronavirus


With predictions that 3.3 million US citizens will get the virus, Panel Built has introduced negative pressure isolation rooms that are fully fabricated offsite to help hospitals increase single-occupancy isolation space as quickly as possible

Negative pressure option rooms

Panel Built, a modular construction provider has announced it now offers a way for medical facilities to create and expand their infectious patient isolation areas with modular Isolation rooms.

With the growing Coronavirus pandemic spreading across the US and internationally, Panel Built’s modular isolation rooms are a convenient solution for hospitals that need to increase their single-occupancy, isolation space as quickly as possible.

Using a panelised wall system, the isolation rooms are fully fabricated in Panel Built’s modular construction facilities. The components are then delivered and assembled on site. This design allows for prefabricated, quickly assembled isolation rooms that have fully customised layouts and designs.

Like modular cleanrooms, Panel Built’s isolation rooms offer options, (where situations warrant), for HVAC systems with fan filter units (FFUs) to keep the room at appropriate temperatures and constantly filter particles with HEPA filtration and UV light from the environment’s air supply with the numerous air exchanges per hour.

The nations largest hospitals in total may currently have fewer than several thousand isolation rooms

Unlike most manufactured cleanrooms, patient isolation rooms can be customised with a negative pressure environment for patients who may have an impaired immune system and may be a carrier for other infectious diseases that are airborne spread rather than the droplet coronavirus.

Diseases such as TB, Measles, Mumps, Varicella and other respiratory infections fall into the airborne category. When the negative pressure isolation room is needed, the air pressure inside the isolation room is lower than entrance ante room to keep air flowing into the patient isolation room instead of out, thus keeping any contaminants or particles from escaping the room.

All isolation rooms should be used in conjunction with proper staff and equipment sanitising and hospital contamination control procedures.

Panel Built’s Steve Grzesik, Sales Manager Welded Steel Division, said: "While Panel Built is a for-profit company, our first objective is to help our nation and others meet the challenge and help save lives. Our nation's largest hospitals and long term care centres will need all the isolation bed space they can get, and Panel Built is ready to help meet the need.”

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M.R. Secure Sales spokesman stated: “There are 330 million persons in the US. Predictions are, over the next 12-18 months, approximately 1% of the USA population (if tested) may be infected with the Coronavirus. If proper protocol is to be followed, 3.3 million isolation rooms may be needed in the US alone. The nations largest hospitals in total, may currently have fewer than several thousand isolation rooms."