Parker domnick hunter introduces the PROPOR MR filter


Allows faster removal of mycoplasma from cell culture media

Parker domnick hunter’s PROPOR MR mycoplasma retentive filter for the biopharmaceutical industry speeds up processing of cell culture media, promising fast filtration times without compromising on mycoplasma retention assurance.

Mycoplasma species are common contaminants of cell culture media and their small size and deformability gives them the ability to penetrate the 0.2 micron membranes used for sterilising liquids. For this reason, 0.1 micron filtration has been widely adopted for the filtration of cell culture media. However the higher retention comes at the price of slower flow rates, longer processing times and increased risk of contamination.

“PROPOR MR has been designed in direct response to a market need for faster processing of cell culture media,” said Andrew Kelly, life sciences product manager at Parker domnick hunter Process Filtration.

“Our customers have found that the highly retentive filters used for mycoplasma removal can slow down their process to the point that filtration cannot be achieved within the required time frame. This can significantly increase the risk and potential impact of contamination in the unfiltered cell culture media.”

Parker domnick hunter has developed the PROPOR MR filter in close collaboration with customers using their actual cell culture media feed streams. The result is a highly retentive filter (typically LRV>10 for Acholeplasma laidlawii) with the fastest processing times for qualified mycoplasma retentive filtration. In addition, an integral prefilter layer maximises filtration capacity for reduced filter system sizes.

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The PROPOR MR launch follows the announcement of Parker’s August acquisition of Madison, WI, US-based SciLog, a provider of automated solutions and sensor technology.