Portable FTIR gas analyser detects almost any gas

Laboratory grade gas analysis brought into the field

DX4040 is able to identify thousands of gases

Instrumentation specialist Quantitech has launched a new version of the Gasmet portable multiparameter FTIR gas analyser, which has brought laboratory grade gas analysis into the field.

The DX4040, is lighter, easier to use and more flexible than its predecessor. However, its most important development lies in the ability of the device to identify unknown gases in the field (at the touch of one button) when using a new version of the unit's Calcmet software on a Windows tablet PC.

The unknown gas identification capability is retrospectively applicable to existing DX4030 analysers when using the new software and tablet PC.

While the DX4040 is able to identify thousands of gases, for users investigating known types of gas the unit can be used with a handheld Bluetooth PDA incorporating a 3G modem, camera and GPS so that time and location are assigned to each analysis.

The Milton Keynes, UK-based firm says use of the PDA is particularly popular because it enables the simultaneous display in almost real-time of up to 25 gases.

Because the DX4040 is able to measure so many gases, it is suitable for a wide variety of applications, including chemical spill, security, forensic investigation, occupational health, anaesthetic gases, research and many others.