Priorclave benchtop autoclaves have legs


Providing access underneath for easier cleaning of lab work surfaces

Priorclave's benchtop laboratory autoclaves are now available with short stand-off legs to provide access beneath the steam steriliser for easier cleaning and disinfection of laboratory work surfaces.

The UK firm says this makes the benchtop autoclave range a suitable choice for organisations either planning or operating a Cat3 laboratory and limited on space.

The new versatile front loading design available from Priorclave with sterilising chambers up to 60 litres capacity (350mm diameter), offers flexibility for both single- or multi-programmes and a choice of standard or highly efficient vacuum operation.

Benchtop autoclaves are the smallest offered by Priorclave and are suitable for laboratories with low volume requirements and limited space, while allowing them to enjoy a level of settings and operating flexibility usually reserved for larger autoclaves.

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The smallest model, the C40, weighs just 70kg and as with all models, it is easy to install powered from a standard single phase supply.

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