Priorclave wins prestigious US autoclave contract

The largest and most recent export contract won by Priorclave is for shipment to the USA of nine research grade autoclaves

The campus of California State University, Fullerton

The nine research grade autoclaves will be used on the campus of California State University, Fullerton and will be used by faculty and students in the Department of Biological Science and Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

To manage the safe and efficient disposal of waste and sterilisation of glassware from the University’s research and academic programmes, Fullerton required energy efficient research grade autoclaves. 

Correctly sizing the autoclave for the tasks and facilities can result in tremendous energy and water consumption savings, while reducing operation and maintenance costs.

Working closely with Priorclave North America to identify the best autoclave options, Fullerton placed an order for three 150 litre, one 200 litre and five 320 litre machines.

All nine front-loading autoclaves are electrically heated, providing the university with energy efficient research grade autoclaves for sterilising various waste including media and glassware.

These autoclaves are ideal when there is an infrequent (up to five) sterilising cycles per day, using only power and water when required.

The purchase decision is supported by an autoclave study by the University of California Riverside, published in the December 2016 edition of Lab Design.

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