QuietDose wins BSIF Product Innovation Award


Measures noise levels in the workplace

The British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) has awarded its 2011 Product Innovation Award to the Howard Leight QuietDose in-ear dosimeter.

The award, which recognises new and innovative products that contribute to improvements in occupational safety and health, was presented at the RoSPA Occupational Health and Safety Awards Gala Dinner held during Safety and Health Expo 2011.

QuietDose measures the actual noise levels reaching a worker’s eardrums over a shift. When worn as hearing protection, the device measures sound pressure levels inside the protector. During periods when it is not worn, such as rest periods, QuietDose continues to measure the ambient noise levels, recording the worker\'s noise exposure throughout the working day.

According to Honeywell Safety Products, the supplier of the Howard Leight brand in the UK, QuietDose provides safety managers with an unprecedented level of personalised data on a worker’s exposure to noise at work. This results in fewer documented cases of occupational hearing loss for employees, and fewer claims and lower compensation costs for employers. Supervisors can also use the personalised data to improve productivity by better managing worker deployment in areas of extreme noise.

QuietDose also enables workers to monitor and control their own noise exposure in real-time. Flashing alerts indicate when noise exposure reaches or exceeds prescribed limits.

“We are committed to providing a more holistic approach to occupational hearing loss prevention,” said Ian Shepherd, hearing national product sales manager for Honeywell Safety Products in the UK.

“We are honoured to be recognised by the British Safety Industry for QuietDose and the pursuit of a more deterministic and preventive approach towards hearing conservation in the workplace.”