Rapid relief: Guardtech’s ISOPODs can ease COVID testing burdens


Quick-assembly cleanrooms could help to solve lab shortage crisis and relieve pressure on struggling testing units

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Guardtech Cleanrooms is ready to play a leading role to help solve another major COVID-19 stumbling block with their quick-assembly ISOPOD modular cleanrooms.

A recent report from the BBC’s Panorama team discovered shocking contamination risks at a COVID testing lab in Milton Keynes, with operatives filmed rushing sample checks and implementing sub-standard practices.

Guardtech are ready to step in and offer their support to the beleaguered Test and Trace labs with their range of ISOPOD quick-assembly cleanrooms.

ISOPODs are high-performance controlled environments that can be self-assembled and are fully customisable to best utilise the host room they are installed within.

This means that the government could effectively ‘spread the load’ of the testing burden across the UK by not having to rely solely on a select few labs.

Guardtech Director Ray Wheeler said: “This is a difficult time for everyone and we feel sympathy for these technicians due to demands being placed on them. We shouldn’t have to place such a huge burden on a small number of labs to carry out such a great deal of Test of Trace activity when there are options like ISOPOD available.

“Our product allows any user to essentially ‘pop up a cleanroom’ wherever they need it, immediately, effectively and efficiently.”

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Copyright: Guardtech Cleanrooms LTD

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