Redring offers instant handwashing with Vortex technology


Manual and automatic water heaters are suitable for laboratory or pharma washrooms

Redring is offering a range of manual and automatic water heaters with built-in infra-red sensor for use in medical environments such as small ward, lab or pharmaceutical washrooms.

The UK-built Redring Handwash appliances can be used with both high and low water pressure and have a compact footprint.

The wall mounted warm water dispensers deliver an unlimited supply of heated water making them particularly suitable for handwashing. Connected solely to a cold water feed and mains electricity supply, the units simply heat the incoming water to the required temperature when needed, therefore eliminating temperature loss in stored water and subsequent wasted energy.

The manual unit is the simplest and most cost effective way to provide hot water for handwashing where only a cold water supply is available. With a single start/stop control and temperature selector, the unit is versatile and effective. The anti-vandal spray head and stainless steel spray arm look smart and are resilient to damage or misuse.

Alternatively, the automatic unit features an infra-red sensor for maximum hygiene and ease of use. With no physical touching required, the appliance is suitable for hospitals and those working in care homes. With a built in infrared sensor the handwash unit detects movement to start the water, before the technology identifies that the hands have been removed a few seconds later, automatically ceasing the flow to reduce unnecessary energy and water consumption and further save on running costs.

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Featuring the latest in Vortex technology, the spray head has a specially designed nozzle to provide the maximum water coverage on the hands and the ultimate solution in hand hygiene, while also being designed to prevent the build-up of limescale. This reduces maintenance and helps to minimise water use.