SaniGuard launches first dry-on-contact sanitising spray to kill HAIs

SaniGuard International has launched what it claims is the world’s first dry-on-contact spray suitable for use on hospital bed linen, curtains and other “near patient touch sites”. The SaniGuard patented spray protects against MRSA, Norovirus, AH1N1, E-Coli and other hospital-acquired infections. It is manufactured in Dayton, OH in the US by DEM Technology and is said to be safe and effective for all surfaces including fabric, paper and electronic devices.

The PatientGuard kit contains two 0.75oz sprays, a 50ml alcohol-free foaming handwash and antibacterial hand wipes

David Morgan, president of DEM Technology, developed SaniGuard in 1993. After patenting the product he was awarded EPA registration for its use on food contact surfaces in 1996. SaniGuard International will distribute the spray and the SaniGuard Total Release Fogger in the UK.

A benefit of the spray is that there is no “wet dwell” time, meaning that users do not feel compelled to wipe the product away prior to it being effective. According to US laboratory reports, the product kills 99.99% of germs in 30-45 seconds. It also exceeds the requirements of EN1276 in Europe.

Jim Taylor, formerly president of Smith & Nephew and now ceo of Saniguard International, based in Chorley, Lancashire, said: “SaniGuard contains a unique configuration of quarternary ammonium compounds (QUATS) and other proprietary components, which allow for the elimination of microbes that regular QUATS alone cannot kill.”

However, he said no “real world” trials to test the effectiveness of the products have so far been carried out in the UK.

The dry-on-contact spray can be used in between regular cleaning on “hot spot” areas such as telephones, computer keyboards, light switches, door knobs and other areas that are frequently used and rarely cleaned. SaniGuard leaves no film or moisture on surfaces.

The spray is effective against MRSA, HIV-1, herpes, herpes simplex 1&2, salmonella typhi, staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus epidermidis and pseudomonas aerginosa and fungi such as trichophyton interdigitolo (Athlete's foot).

SaniGuard International also offers the Total Release Fogger in a single-release aerosol, which is claimed to sanitise an entire room with the press of a button within 15-20 minutes. The product is available in small room (155ft²) and large room (625ft²) sizes for £5.00 and around £9.00 respectively. The company says this product is safe for all surfaces and helps to stop the transmission of germs in high traffic areas such as lobbies, waiting rooms, hospital wards, GP surgeries and patient care facilities.

For consumers, SaniGuard International offers a PatientGuard kit containing two 0.75oz sprays, a 50ml alcohol-free foaming handwash and antibacterial hand wipes for less than £10.