Sanitiser with UVC LED technology could reduce the spread of superbugs in hospitals

ElectroClave UV sanitiser allows tablet computers and smartphones to be cleaned

The ElectroClave UV sanitiser for electronic devices such as tablets and smartphones

Infection control technology specialist Seal Shield, located in Jacksonville, FL, US, has added the ElectroClave UV sanitiser to its portfolio.

The company says the unit is the world's first UV sanitiser to use low-power UVC LED technology, which allows hard-to-clean devices such as tablet computers and smartphones to be cleaned, while charging and syncing these devices in a secure environment.

It is well documented that tablet computers and smartphones can harbour bacteria and viruses. A study published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology warns that some 20–30% of viruses can be readily transferred from a fingertip to a glass surface, such as a touchscreen. Today, hospitals use autoclaves to sterilise a variety of instruments, but devices such as tablets, smartphones and other electronic products cannot withstand the high heat of these systems.

The ElectroClave will greatly improve the ease and efficiency in which personal computing devices are managed in hospitals

The patent pending Seal Shield ElectroClave, using high efficacy UVC LED technology, has the advantages of both low power and low heat. The company's proprietary Smart Clean technology allows for fail-safe sanitisation, adjusting UV exposure to bulb life and environmental conditions. These features allow electronic devices to be charged and synced while they are being sanitised.

The product combines HEPA filtration and positive pressure with UVC LED technology to provide an efficient way to combat cross-contamination bacteria, viruses and fungi on hard to clean devices, the company says. Each ElectroClave can charge, sync and sanitise up to eight devices simultaneously, and multiple ElectroClaves can be daisy chained together to support an unlimited number of devices.

The ElectroClave is device independent, meaning that it is compatible with all major brands of tablets and smartphones. Also featuring Bluetooth wireless technology for remote monitoring, the product can be used as a portable steriliser on a wheeled cart, placed on a table, or wall-mounted.

Brad Whitchurch, CEO of Seal Shield, says: 'We believe the ElectroClave is disruptive technology and will greatly improve the ease and efficiency in which personal computing devices are managed in hospitals, from both the IT and infection control perspectives.'

The ElectroClave UV sanitiser is scheduled for production at the end of this year.