Shield Medicare installs Dycem flooring


Shield Medicare, the manufacturer of sterile contamination control products and medical devices, has recently installed several large areas of Dycem contamination control floor coverings within its cleanroom facilities in South Wales. Shield Medicare technical manager Suzanne Stubbs said: "We installed a piece of Dycem in our facility 12 months ago as part of our ongoing programme to control contamination. It was so effective at removing contamination from both feet and wheels that we decided to increase the number of Dycem areas as we built our additional cleanrooms and moved towards more controlled warehouse environments." Dycem manufactures a range of contamination control floor coverings and mat solutions, which have been independently tested and proven to prevent more than 99% of contamination from entering a critical area. All Dycem products have a high surface energy creating short electro magnetic forces, which attract, collect and retain particulates.

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