Steris and CCS link up to offer streamlined cleanroom sterilisation and decontamination processes


The collaboration incorporates Steris VHP Biodecontamination solutions and the CCS cleaning programme

Steris and Controlled Contamination Services (CCS) are collaborating to offer integrated services to their life science customers. The relationship streamlines cleanroom sterilisation and decontamination by incorporating Steris’s patented VHP Biodecontamination solutions with CCS’s cleaning programme.

'Steris has the most highly regarded and respected products in the industry and CCS holds a rich history as experts with in-depth understanding of regulations and GMP requirements to meet the most stringent cleaning and decontamination needs,' said Larry Zanko, Manager, Global Biodecontamination Services for Steris.

'Our customers were already using both of our services, but generally making two phone calls to have a project handled,' added Chris Zines, CEO and co-founder of Controlled Contamination Services. 'This venture unites two industry leaders in one call. Our sales teams are cross-trained to know exactly what product is required for each situation and exactly what protocol is necessary to maintain the highest standard in cleanrooms.'

The firms say the collaboration is unique in that it ensures that all steps in the cleaning and biodecontamination process are jointly handled to create one effective solution for a cleanroom.

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Using a proprietary VHP process technology, Steris Biodecontamination Services has handled complex projects such as anthrax remediation and decontamination of large facilities. Most projects are completed in less than 24 hours. The low-temperature hydrogen peroxide dry vapour destroys a range of micro-organisms including bacterial spores, viruses and fungi. The VHP does not condense on surfaces, making it a suitable choice for sensitive materials including electronic equipment, HEPA filters and painted surfaces, and an environmentally friendly choice with residue-free byproducts.

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CCS is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with experience in GMP cleanroom cleaning, equipment assembly and cleaning, post construction cleaning and decontamination, hydrogen peroxide decontamination and emergency decontamination events.

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