T36 hand sanitiser effective against two superbugs


Alda Pharmaceuticals says its product kills bacteria by disrupting their cell walls

Alda Pharmaceuticals, a Canadian developer of infection control therapeutics using its T36 technology, says new tests have shown that the T36 antiseptic hand sanitiser is completely effective against two types of ‘superbug’ within 15 seconds.

The testing was conducted at BioScience Laboratories in Bozeman, Montana, US against antibiotic-resistant strains of E. coli and Klebsiella. These strains have taken genes from other bacteria that have the ability to digest nearly all antibiotics, including penicillin-like antibiotics that possess broad-spectrum antibacterial properties and are typically used as a last resort. The firm says such genetic ‘swapping’ is common among bacteria and a major cause of antibiotic resistance.

Terrance Owen, president and ceo of Alda Pharmaceuticals, said: ‘T36 antiseptic hand sanitiser works in a completely different way from antibiotics. It kills infectious organisms by disrupting their cell walls so the presence of antibiotic-digesting enzymes does not stop it from working.’

Proper hygiene, including the use of hand sanitisers and disinfectants such as T36 antiseptic hand sanitiser and T36 disinfectant, is a very important step in preventing the spread of potentially incurable diseases, he added.