TSI makes new addition to ventilation meter product line


TSI has launched the new and improved 9600 VelociCalc and VelociCalc Pro Multi-Function Ventilation Series Meters

VelociCalc Pro Multi-Function Ventilation Meter

VelociCalc Pro Multi-Function Ventilation Meter

TSI has launched the new and improved 9600 VelociCalc and VelociCalc Pro Multi-Function Ventilation Series Meters. Features include a built-in workflow for calculating the percentage of outside air used to determine ventilation effectiveness in a building or room.

The VelociCalc Pro adds additional built-in workflows for heat flow calculation plus four methodologies for performing a duct traverse which speeds up the measurement process while reducing errors.

The best buildings deserve the best measurements - this user-friendly ventilation meter is ideal for HVAC testing and balancing, cleanroom testing, biological safety, cabinet and laboratory fume hood testing, as well as HVAC commissioning and troubleshooting.

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The VelociCalc 9600 Series Meters, featuring a high-resolution colour screen displays multiple measurements simultaneously in real-time with on-screen prompts to guide you through instrument setup and operation.

"We are excited about the improvements we have made to the VelociCalc ventilation meters product line," said Jim Schumacher, Product Specialist at TSI. "The multi-lingual interface with duct traverse workflows, customised test IDs, and multiple plug-and-play probes greatly enhances the user experience without compromising the measurement performance and durability customers expect from a TSI VelociCalc meter."

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Overall, its ergonomic design includes integrated magnets allowing for attachment to exposed ductwork, chemical fume hoods and biological safety cabinet frames for hands-free operation. These instruments are available with or without a differential pressure sensor, and are designed to work with a wide range of smart plug-in probes for measuring air velocity and IAQ parameters.

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