TSI offers AeroTrak remote particle counters


With integrated pump provide seamless installation and maintenance

TSI Incorporated, a continuous particulate monitoring instrumentation specialist, has expanded its offering to include remote particle counters with an integrated pump.

Designed to eliminate the need for an external vacuum source, this new range of AeroTrak remote particle counters – models 6310, 6510 and 6510-VHP – features a hot-swap combined particle sensor and blower assembly condensed into an easy-to-clean 316L stainless steel enclosure.

\'A remote particle counter with integrated pump is ideal for situations where installing an external vacuum source and vacuum tubing system is impractical or undesirable,\' said Tim Russell, TSI Field Market Developer. \'Its condensed size and integrated vacuum source allows the AeroTrak remote particle counter with integrated pump to be placed close to critical work locations, providing optimal particulate and environmental monitoring in GMP-controlled areas.\'

To save time and reduce costs, these AeroTrak models are supplied with four 4–20mA analogue inputs that easily integrate local environmental parameters such as room pressure, temperature and relative humidity. The environmental data, as well as the particle counts, are transmitted back to facility monitoring software via Ethernet or RS 485. Maintenance is also simplified, with the removable sensor and pump assembly extracted as one piece without the need for tools or dismantling.

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Additionally, the internal pump automatically stops when the sample inlet probe is capped to prevent accidental damage. Model 6510-VHP is resistant to damage caused by VHP exposure, enabling use where VHP surface decontamination is used.