Teknek introduces solution for cleaning thin films


Ultracleen ensures increased yields and reduced waste

Teknek claims to have solved the problem of cleaning thin films with the introduction of the Ultracleen cleaning roller.

The Glasgow, Scotland-based contact cleaning specialist for a number of sectors including semi-conductors, converting, printing, medical and solar cells, says the Ultracleen addresses the impact of debris on yields, production and quality in thin films used in flat panel displays (FPD), touch panels, automotive applications and solar panels.

“Films for applications such as FPD are getting increasingly thinner and hence more fragile yet they need to be 100% clean. The Ultracleen range has been specifically designed to ensure the best possible cleaning at the fastest production rates yet leaving the film totally undamaged by the cleaning process,” says Ruaridh Nicolson, Teknek’s sales and marketing manager.

Teknek says the combination of the Ultracleen rollers with its patented Nanocleen Plus silicone-free, static dissipating adhesive rolls, achieves the optimum cleaning core for thin films.

Teknek has a policy of continuous product development, with more launches expected this autumn. To this end, the company has appointed Dr June Calliston, who will be focused on developing the next generation of elastomeric rollers and adhesives.