Tema Sinergie chooses Brazilian partner for barrier isolation tech


STEQ Comércio e Representações has been chosen to represent the Barrier Isolation Technology business unit in Brazil

STEQ Comércio e Representações has been chosen as the new partner of Tema Sinergie's Barrier Isolation Technology business unit in Brazil.

The partnership with STEQ Comércio e Representações is an important step to strengthen Tema Sinergie's presence in the largest market for barrier isolation systems for aseptic and containment processes, and glove integrity systems in South America.

"We are confident that the reliability and experience gained by STEQ in 20 years of activity, will allow us to stay closer to our existing and potential customers in the area, being able to offer more efficient commercial activities and prompt and accurate after-sales service," the company stated.

STEQ is an equipment provider that has been present in Brazil for over 20 years. The company focuses on providing equipment for the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Veterinary, Chemical, Food and Biotechnology Industries, as well as Animal Farms, Universities and Research and Development Laboratories.

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With extensive experience in Brazilian market, STEQ offers reliability and commitment through innovative solutions. Blending technology of its equipment to the technical expertise of our teams, STEQ prioritises customer needs and adopt management practices that lead, effectively, the expected results. Moreover, STEQ has a team of internationally certified technical support that is always ready to meet any request.