Tessy Plastics begins face shield production in response to COVID-19

Tessy Plastics has been prototyping a variety of products related to the testing and treatment of the COVID-19 pandemic

Photos taken at Tessy Plastics headquarters in Skaneateles in New York

Tessy Plastics has announced its decision to manufacture face shields in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The face shields are scheduled to be in production early next week.

Due to the shortage of PPE, Tessy Plastics has been prototyping a variety of products related to the testing and treatment of the COVID-19 pandemic. Tessy took the initiative to invest in the injection moulds necessary to produce the face shields and has partnered with Onondaga County on this effort.

"We are dedicating our engineering and manufacturing resources to get these face shields into market as quickly as possible. I am excited our team has been able to develop this product to support our local community," said Roland Beck, President and Owner.

The face shield is a three-piece assembly that is comprised of a headband, visor, and shield. The product is used to protect the facial area and associated membranes from splashes, sprays, and spatter of body fluids. "Initially, we 3D printed the prototype and modified the design for injection moulding capability, functionality, and comfort. The face shield is engineered to minimise the ability for particles to be exposed to a person's face. It is a one size fits all and can be sanitised for medical use," said Stafford Frearson, Vice President of Engineering.

"Each face shield will be shipped as a separate component for quick assembly in the field. This approach allows us to reduce our time to market and increase the volume as needed," Frearson added.

Onondaga County has supplied funds to support the local frontline responders at the hospitals and nursing homes with an initial order of 30,000. During Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon's Daily COVID19 Media Briefing on March 31, 2020, McMahon stated, "PPE supply is going to be an ongoing issue and to work with a world-class company like Tessy to make products we need immediately is really important. I want to thank the Beck family and certainly our Tessy family overall for their partnership. We are happy to be their first order, and it's PPE that is sorely needed".

Tessy is proud to be a part of the global effort in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. "New York State has some of the highest confirmed COVID-19 cases in the country, and it means a lot to us to assist in any way that we can during this difficult time," said Roland Beck, President and Owner.