Teva chooses high performance polymeric flooring


Dycem contamination control floor coverings are 99% effective in preventing contaminants from entering a critical area

Major pharmaceutical manufacturer Teva Czech Industries has installed high performance polymeric flooring in its new facility as an effective route in preventing contamination from entering critical production areas.

To comply with quality standards, Teva Czech Industries contacted Dycem during the development of the new building to find out how the company’s polymeric flooring could significantly reduce contamination in the main area for the production of solid dosage forms.

Dycem’s contamination control flooring systems were fitted in a number of airlocks to effectively minimise the contamination caused by the powder released during the homogenisation, granulation and coating of tablets. The fitting of the flooring ensured that the fine powder remained trapped in the decontamination zone and outside production facilities.

“We have recognised that the Dycem Zones work very well – confirmed by measurements made by the manufacturer’s representative; our powder remains in the zone and does not spread outside the production areas,” said Sylva Balcárková, a Teva shift leader. “I can only recommend the installation of Dycem zones — if you adhere to the rules for cleaning them, the effect is really noticeable.”

Dycem polymeric flooring and mats have long been recognised as an effective route to preventing floor and wheel-borne contamination from entering critical environments. A research study by Dr Caroline S Clibbon, Senior Microbiologist at GlaxoSmithKline, shows that Dycem contamination control floor coverings and mats are more than 99% effective in preventing contaminants from entering a critical area.

Dycem plays a vital part of an integrated contamination control programme. All Dycem products incorporate an antimicrobial agent during the original manufacture stage, which has been proven to reduce the growth of more than 50 organisms. All products are simple to use and remain effective for up to five years. Dycem products are also included in Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and meet the requirements of all regulatory bodies including the FDA.

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Zdenek Kocourek, head of the granulation section at the Teva facility, expressed his satisfaction with the zones: “If the rules are adhered to with at least four steps in the zone, the dust particles and contaminants are trapped.”