Trevira invests in expansion

European manufacturer of fibres and yarns for hygiene products expands its Guben site in Germany

Trevira, a German manufacturer of high-value branded fibres and filament yarns for technical applications and hygiene products has approved a series of large projects at its Guben site.

Investing in equipment, which will affect all of the processes (polycondensation, spinning and textile processing) at its Guben site, where the company produces filament specialties for the textile industry.

Trevira produces fibres and yarns for flame retardant polyester home textiles, for hygiene products and technical applications, as well as for low-pill fibres for functional apparel.

A total sum of approximately 7.5 million euros is scheduled to be invested.

Klaus Holz, CEO of Trevira, said: “These investments are an extremely important signal. They are a reiteration of the long-term commitment of our parent company IVL to Trevira.”

“We are very excited about the investments in the new equipment. The Guben site and the Filament BU will be strengthened by these projects,“ said Edo Lieven, the head of the Filament BU.