Using more than one system to collect your airborne particle monitoring data?

Save time and hassle in cleanroom monitoring by storing all monitoring data in one place

One for periodic monitoring of Grade C and D zones using portable particle counters, plus the fixed facility monitoring system for Grades A and B? The good news is that it does not have to be this way.

Save time and take the hassle out of cleanroom monitoring by storing all monitoring data in one place, the facility monitoring system.

Portable particle counters are used to sample at periodic monitoring locations. Once data has been collected, simply connect the counters to the facility monitoring system and all monitoring data is seamlessly downloaded. No more transposition errors.

The entire facility’s continuous and periodic monitoring data is now safely stored and immediately accessible in one place.

To find out how TSI’s FMS software’s distributed architecture is designed to save time, keep critical data safe and reduce risk, click here.

TSI’s FMS Software is the backbone of a fully compliant facility monitoring system. TSI AeroTrak Remote Particle Counters, BioTrak Real-time Viable Particle Counters andenvironmental sensors seamlessly integrate into FMS.

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