VAF opens new cleanroom air purification supply factory


Viet Air Filter has opened a new facility in the north of the country

Viet Air Filter Production Joint Stock Company (VAF) has opened a new factory in Thai Nguyen and started operating with the goal of leading the market in manufacturing industrial air purifiers and cleanrooms in Vietnam.

In January 2022, VAG put its production plant in the north into operation, located in the Thai Nguyen province. With a capacity of more than 500,000 products/year and the synergy of the main factory in Dong An 2 Industrial Park, Binh Duong province, VAF is confident in meeting the potential needs of the industrial air purifier & cleanroom market in the region. This is in the North near the plant, as well as nationwide in general.

The air purifiers and cleanroom equipment meet international export standards such as: EN 1822-5:2009, EN 779: 2012, ISO 16890:2016

VAF is known as a pioneer enterprise in Vietnam in the field of industrial air filter production & cleanroom equipment. With the strong development of industrial zones in Vietnam, more and more fields of application of air filtration and cleanroom for production and business activities. In daily life, air purification systems and cleanrooms are also widely applied in fields such as in the HVAC systems of buildings, offices, apartments, supermarkets, hospitals, etc.

Therefore, the field of air filtration in general and industrial air filtration, in particular, are increasingly interested by users, playing a very important role in life and production, bringing with them great potential for development in the market. Vietnamese schools in the near future.

VAF explained

In 2020, VAF marked an important milestone when successfully establishing itself in the international market by exporting high-grade HEPA filter products to the US and Thai markets.

Along with the strong development of industrial zones in Vietnam, the demand for industrial clean air filtration and cleanroom application in production activities plays an increasingly important role for businesses. However, capturing the user's preference for cheap prices, many low-quality air purifier products appear massively on the market, seriously affecting the operation efficiency when customers use the product, especially the air purifier applications in fields such as: medicine, pharmaceuticals, food, electronic components, etc., the consequences are even more unpredictable.

VAF has more than 14 years of experience in R&D in the field of air filtration and cleanrooms

Understanding that situation, VAF always gives priority to providing customers with high quality products at a reasonable cost. At the same time, VAF is also one of the few enterprises producing air purifiers and cleanroom equipment with a whole range of products that meet international export standards such as: EN 1822-5:2009, EN 779: 2012, ISO 16890:2016.

For the purpose of improving the quality, optimising the performance of the HVAC system, and at the same time promoting the development of products, bringing the highest filtration efficiency to customers, VAF chooses to cooperate with the supplier to provides high-end EPM PACST fans for their projects to provide the ideal solution for customers.

Confident in the production capacity of two manufacturing plants in the North and South, VAF can flexibly meet customers' requirements for industrial air filtration and cleanroom equipment in the most optimal time. Unlike imported goods, components and spare parts for products and equipment can be easily replaced to meet customer needs in the shortest time. The team of engineers who provide services and support solutions for customers also reach customers the fastest.

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Because it is directly produced in the country, the price of VAF products is also more reasonable and economical than imported products, air purifier products always have a certain use cycle, so choosing the right brand prestige, quality at a reasonable cost not only helps to save costs at the investment and construction stage, but also saves a lot of costs in the following years of operation.

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The factory in Thai Nguyen coming into operation is also a testament to the willingness to cooperate in production with brands of air purifiers for home and office on the market today. With more than 14 years of experience in research & development in the field of air filtration & cleanrooms, VAF can cooperate in manufacturing and supplying a full range of air filter products in equipment such as: pre-filter, fine filter, HEPA filter, to meet the quality standards required by the manufacturer.