Vaisala adds hand-held humidity and temperature meter to portfolio


Humicap HM40 is available in standard and remote probe models

The Vaisala Humicap hand-held humidity and temperature meter HM40 is now available as both standard and remote probe models. The remote probe alternative increases the hand-held meter’s versatility by enabling convenient measurements to be taken in ducts and other difficult-to-reach or confined places.

Other features, including an interchangeable Vaisala HMP113 measurement probe, make the Vaisala HM40 a suitable spot-checking tool for a range of portable humidity measurement needs, from construction sites and HVAC applications to laboratories and cleanrooms.

Compact, simple and easy to use, the Vaisala HM40 provides reliable measurement results in various environmental conditions. Its humidity measurement is of the same Humicap sensor technology that recently landed on Mars on board the Curiosity Rover, proving the sensor\'s excellence in terms of long-term stability and the ability to cope with chemical interference.

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In addition to a wide measurement range for relative humidity and temperature, the HM40 provides calculated quantities for five other humidity parameters. Its user interface is simple and intuitive with 10 different language choices and a possibility to modify settings to suit individual needs. Large graphic display and robust push buttons further increase the usability, making operating the device easy in any conditions.

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