Vaisala reports good sales in the Americas and Asia-Pacific in Q3


In the Controlled Environment Business Area net sales increased by 14% year-on-year to €23.4m

Finland-based environmental measurement instrumentation and continuous monitoring company Vaisala reported an increase in net sales in the third quarter from July to September 2015, up 5% to €81.7m. The operating result increased by 12% to €14.1m.

Vaisala's President and CEO Kjell Forsén said net sales developed 'especially well' in the Americas, while sales in Asia-Pacific also posted good results.

The Controlled Environment Business Area saw its net sales increase by 14% year-on-year to €23.4m. Net sales grew in all regions even though the market environment for industrial measurement solutions remained stable. Orders received for this part of Vaisala's business increased by 6% as order intake grew in the Americas and Asia-Pacific.

Growing volumes and improved gross margin increased the operating result from €4.5m to €6.1m for this sector.

Vaisala is expecting its industrial measurement solutions market to remain stable in the Americas and Asia-Pacific and increase in EMEA.

'In the short term, industrial measurement solutions and weather radars have the most favourable market conditions,' said Forsén.

The firm has updated its business outlook for the full year 2015 owing to the continued weakness of euro and simultaneous net sales growth in the Americas.

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The revised estimate for net sales is now in the range of €305–€325m and the operating result (EBIT) in the range of €22–€32m.

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