Validated monitoring system for new IVF facility


Includes a fully validated, independent monitoring system

A six cell human embryo

A six cell human embryo

The new IVF facility for Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust includes a fully validated, independent monitoring system. This system is designed, installed and commissioned by Facility Monitoring Systems (FMS), which is part of the Validair Group of companies.

SMS text messaging system

Stephen Harbottle, lead embryologist at the new facility, chose the FMS system to monitor real-time data, produce reports and notify critical alarms both on site and remotely via an auto-dialler and SMS text messaging system. Parameters continuously monitored by the system include: incubator temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide and oxygen levels, cryo-storage vessels and fridges. The embryology laboratory is also continuously monitored for temperature.

Cleanroom areas have independent pressure sensors and particle counting duties are performed by a TSI AeroTrak portable particle counter, which feeds data direct to the FMS system in real time.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are known to affect the success rate of assisted reproductive techniques and Harbottle is keen to include continuous laboratory VOC monitoring as part of the FMS system.

Validation plan

The validation plan for the new facility is provided and executed by Validair in accordance with the sector specific validation protocols generated by Validair, these documents being commissioned by the Association of Clinical Embryologists (ACE) and the Human Fertility and Embryology Authority (HFEA).

New facility

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This new facility in Cambridge is scheduled to open in the late spring of 2011. This installation is the latest of many such systems provided by FMS and represents the first IVF laboratory system to be installed since FMS joined the Validair Group.

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