Verrix raises US$17.5 million for novel sterility assurance technology

By Murielle Gonzalez 5-Dec-2018

The California-based company is one step closer to introduce its EVA Biological Indicator to the market

Cameron Rouns, Verrix CEO

US company Verrix has completed an initial close on a Series B funding round for US$8 million, bringing the company’s total funds raised to $17.5 million. The Series B funding will allow the company to finalise development, regulatory submission, and commercialisation of its Verrix EVA Biological Indicator (BI) System.

Based in California, Verrix is a medical device manufacturer developing solutions for rapid and accurate sterilisation confirmation.

“We are excited to see the rapid advancement of Verrix with strong support from our investors,” said Cameron Rouns, CEO of Verrix. “The company has achieved significant progress in the development of the Verrix EVA BI System and is well positioned to successfully transition to commercialisation as it prepares to introduce new technology for the fight against hospital-acquired infections.”

Verrix was founded as a standalone company in 2013 to develop sterility assurance products and technologies based on planetary protection technology developed at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory for the Mars Rover programme.

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In 2016, Verrix closed a Series A round of funding to develop the technology from patented concept to prototype. The company is now transitioning from research and development to commercialisation of its unique method of spore detection. The first BI system developed based on Verrix’s technology advances is expected to be introduced in 2019.