Waters Corporation purchases mass spectrometry assets from MediMass


Strengthening the position of Waters in health science applications

Waters Corporation has acquired Rapid Evaporative Ionisation Mass Spectrometry (REIMS) technology from Hungarian company MediMass for an undisclosed sum.

The REIMS technology represents substantially all of the assets of MediMass and includes patent applications, software, databases and knowhow. It is the enabling technology in a device called the \'Intelligent Knife\' that could potentially be used for real-time surgical diagnostics. No regulatory approvals have been sought on the device to date, Waters said.

\'While showing promise across many applications, REIMS technology significantly strengthens Waters’ technology position within Health Sciences,\' said Rohit Khanna, Vice-President, Worldwide Marketing and Informatics, Waters Division.

Waters and MediMass have been working together for the past three years with Imperial College London to advance REIMS\' capabilities for health science applications, the company said.

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REIMS is an ionisation technique that can be used as a source for direct analysis of samples by mass spectrometry. To date, REIMS technology has shown the ability to bring ambient ionisation sampling into real world applications such as food safety, microbiology and clinical diagnostic applications.