White paper discusses ICP-OES spectrometer environmental testing

Spectro Analytical Instruments discusses new dual side-on interface technology offers twice the sensitivity of conventional radial systems without the complexity, drawbacks, and high cost

Spectro Analytical Instruments has published a white paper on its new type of spectrometer. The paper is called “A New Approach to ICP-OES Analysis for Environmental Testing.”

Environmental laboratories might like to standardise on one ICP-OES solution for most or all of their analysis needs. But different spectrometer types have different advantages and disadvantages for various applications. For instance, they derive diverse benefits from their internal plasma viewing technologies.

The German company’s new white paper details how recent developments in viewing techniques helped create a versatile new type of spectrometer.

Its new dual side-on interface (DSOI) technology can offer advantages for environmental laboratories in routine applications, including waters, wastewaters, soils and sludges.

For instance, DSOI technology offers twice the sensitivity of conventional radial systems yet avoids the complexity, drawbacks, and cost of vertical dual view models. It provides high stability, the same high linearity as traditional radial-observation ICP-OES, improved ease of use and fewer maintenance requirements than vertical dual-view systems.

One advantage is that only a measurement, using a single plasma view, is needed, creating a speed advantage compared to dual-view spectrometers.