Why do regulations expect a monitoring system to be installed?


Answer: It reduces risk and makes great business sense

Why do regulations expect a monitoring system to be installed?

In order to deliver high quality and safe products to the consumer, reliable cleanroom monitoring is essential. A facility monitoring system improves the probability of hazard detection, leading to a reduction in risk. Product quality is impacted if too many airborne particles find their way into sterile products, compromising patient safety.

Turning critical data into information is key and results in increased knowledge and a better understanding of the manufacturing process. Increased knowledge means saving a significant amount of money due to less segregated product, less product waste and fewer interruptions during manufacturing. A facility monitoring system makes great business sense.

TSI Facility Monitoring System (FMS) is the top-choice for reliable cleanroom monitoring. TSI FMS OPC UA Client/Server functionality provides easy and immediate access to real-time and historic data which is securely shared with multiple platforms and enterprise reporting systems.

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