Workstation allows small-batch chemicals production

RC1sp offers safe and controlled production

Mettler Toledo’s RC1sp small-scale production workstation allows chemists and chemical engineers to produce small batches of chemicals for traceable, reproducible and more profitable reaction results.

The company says the flexible RC1sp allows for either partial or fully automatic processing. Manual process issues associated with round bottom flasks and jacketed lab reactor setups can be eliminated. The self-contained design also reduces the risk of operator exposure to hazardous materials.

RC1sp small-scale production workstation

‘The RC1sp offers a safe and controlled way to produce building blocks, intermediates, pre-clinical batches and resin materials at the highest quality, even for the most sensitive and selective chemistry and precision-based business segments such as semi-conductors,’ said Urs Groth, Mettler Toledo’s marketing communication manager, Reaction Engineering. ‘Consistency and quality in-lab ensures desired reactivity in downline processes.’

The RC1sp’s thermostat provides fast heating and cooling while keeping reaction temperature controlled, even in the presence of unanticipated exotherms. Standard operations such as catalyst additions or pH control are monitored and adjusted using iControl RC1 software.