Yaxiang wins $68m semiconductor systems bid


Yaxiang System Integration Technology will provide HVAC systems and other engineering systems

Yaxiang wins m semiconductor systems bid

Yaxiang System Integration Technology (Suzhou) has won the bid for a major project for Leading Semiconductor Technology (Shenzhen). Yaxiang's winning bid amount was just over $68m.

The planned construction in Shenzhen will run from March until December 2022.

The project is for the power machine room project of the side project and the internal primary/secondary distribution project. This is all part of LST's plans to build a new annual output of 200,000 sqm for digital-analog hybrid circuits, micro-motor systems, radio frequency circuits, and high-end integrated circuits for power devices.

The first phase of the project will build a smart manufacturing plant and other supporting facilities, and will purchase the world's top production, surface treatment and other production equipment, using subtractive, semi-additive, and improved semi-additive method, embedded circuit method and other advanced production technologies.

The scope of this project for Yaxiang is the power machine room engineering and interior decoration of the primary side project of SL01 Phase I.

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The power machine room will require a power system, HVAC system, process system and automatic control system. The primary-side built-in engineering includes HVAC system, exhaust gas system, process system, and power system and automatic control system, compartment engineering and decoration engineering. The secondary distribution engineering including process electric panel power distribution system, electricity force wiring system, cooling water system, process water supply system, hot exhaust system, VOC exhaust system, acid-base/cyanide-containing exhaust system, plasma exhaust system, nitrogen system, CDA compressed air system, set dust system, steam system, electric cabinet/blower MAU air supply system, oven ambient air extraction system and waste exhaust water system.