Zherox b-pack by AM Instruments


A lightweight, portable system applying the Zherox HPE innovative technology

Zherox b-pack by AM Instruments

Zherox b-pack is a battery-powered portable device for surfaces biodecontamination.

b-pack contains a sanitiser tank and includes a TLP® diffuser equipped with HPE ionising technology.



  • HPE technology provides for the ionisation of the sanitising liquid molecules, ensuring an excellent diffusion while boosting the disinfectant efficacy
  • Control electronics grants optimal battery management
  • The status LED on the diffuser indicates the charge level and the operating phase
  • The aluminium alloy frame and the ABS body make the unit light and ideal for frequent use
  • The ergonomic diffuser allows continuous use avoiding operator fatigue
  • The 5-litre tank and the battery with a up to 3 hours duration guarantee high autonomy
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