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Sono-Tek to open cleanroom rated laboratory facility in China

Operated by Unitak, the lab will be focused on medical device coating systems

Asia | Measurement and Analysis

US Department of Energy opens Flexlab to drive building efficiency

Genentech is among the first to use it to test systems for its new South San Francisco offices

Design and Build

Are cleanrooms an obsolete technology?

Cleanrooms have long provided environmental control for operations or tasks where the products need protection, but Michelle Frisch, PSL, asks are they the best choice for today’s requirements of cleanliness and limited operator interference?

Containment | Manufacturing

The Pirbright Institute plays host to biosecurity experts from around the world

High containment laboratory complex now known as the BBSRC National Virology Centre: The Plowright Building

Containment | Europe | Infection Control | Manufacturing

TAP Biosystems develops vial filling system for vaccine facilities

Provides enhanced operator safety and effective decontamination capabilities

Containment | Europe | Manufacturing | Pharmaceuticals

Pathogen detection gets ever faster

Rapid methods for pathogen testing are the focus of increasing effort by the food industry, food regulators and technology providers. Susan Birks looks at recent testing developments

Measurement and Analysis

Hanovia ensures purified water safety at Institute of Medical Biology in China

Installs three PharmaLine PQL units to destroy micro-organisms in purified water used in vaccine production

Cleaning | Asia | Manufacturing | Pharmaceuticals

Employing QbD to mitigate risk in aseptic parenteral fill and finish

Blow/fill/seal technology, used widely for ophthalmic, respiratory and parenterals, has been slow to make an impact in the US injectables market. Bill Hartzel, Director, Strategic Execution, Advanced Delivery Technologies, Catalent Pharma Solutions, reviews how its potential advantages meet QbD prin

Manufacturing | Pharmaceuticals

Sterigenics receives ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation in Mexico

For food and chemistry at its SteriPro Laboratories in Mexico City

North America | Cleaning | Latin America

Is the pharma sector ready for Industry 4.0?

Along with increasing market and regulatory pressures, the industry needs to keep pace with the latest manufacturing practice. Alan Johnston, Siemens Industry, reviews the trends as predictions about the influence of the next industrial revolution gather pace

Europe | Regulatory | Manufacturing | Pharmaceuticals

Downflow booths provide operator protection from dust

Create clean zone for product protection from surrounding area contamination

Containment | Manufacturing

The advantages of single-use systems in pharmaceutical production

Traditionally stainless steel has been the containment material of choice in pharmaceutical production, but the use of single-use systems is growing. Richard Denk and Matthias Hänsel, Hecht Technologie, describe how disposable liner systems are now being employed

Containment | Manufacturing