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University of Manchester and SCIEX open £18m Biomarker Discovery Centre

The Manchester, UK-based Stoller Biomarker Discovery Centre is a major step forward in precision medicine and making 'industrial' proteomics a reality

Biotechnology | Pharmaceuticals

Ecolab launches cleaning agent for removing sustained release coatings

Cosa Pur 81 is suitable for the removal of alkaline and acid resistant coatings in tablet production

North America | Cleaning | Manufacturing and Equipment

New microfibre technology squares up to HAIs

Effective healthcare facility cleaning is a critical component in the battle against HAIs. James Taylor, Director of Product Marketing, cleaning materials, Chicopee, explains how microfibre technology is setting new standards in hospital cleaning protocols

Infection Control | Cleaning

Building fast and portable biosensors to detect E. coli

Washington State University researchers have developed a portable biosensor for quick and easy detection of harmful bacteria

Infection Control | Measurement and Analysis

Canada opens innovative lab for T cell therapy

New approach to cancer therapy pioneered in new lab in Victoria, British Columbia

North America | Pharmaceuticals

Validation of disinfection protocols

Regulatory agencies require evidence that disinfection procedures used in pharma cleanrooms are effective and while disinfectants qualified by the vendor, it is also necessary to prove their performance is adequate in a real use scenario. Dr Axel Wehrmann, SGS Life Sciences, outlines the process­

Cleaning | Measurement and Analysis

Visual triggers increase hand hygiene compliance, researchers find

Repulsive images of bacterial cultures motivate hospital staff to comply with hand hygiene guidelines

North America | Infection Control

The evaluation and safe handling of ADCs and their toxic payloads: Part 1

The handling of ADCs in R&D and manufacturing requires careful examination of the potential health effects that may be caused by occupational exposure. In this first article of a two-part series, John Farris and Robert Sussman, SafeBridge Consultants, discuss the toxicology of ADCs

Eurofins Lancaster Labs to grow its lab services footprint

With an expanded campus the company aims to increase its workforce in bio/pharmaceutical analysis to 500 plus by 2021

Design and Build | Measurement and Analysis | Pharmaceuticals

Fast forward for modern cleanrooms

Cleanrooms are undergoing the fastest rate of change in their 50-year history. M+W Products’ Chief Sales Officer Michael Rodd looks into the future of the sector and examines how practice can be improved to meet financial and ergonomic developments

Design and Build

New standard methods improve quality of microbiomics data

The products help in obtaining accurate and unbiased data from sample collection to analysis

Measurement and Analysis

Extinguishing the risk of fire-related downtime

Fire risk is a very real concern for many cleanroom sectors. Paul Morley, MD, Chalcroft Construction, looks at common causes of facility fires and discusses how cleanroom design plays an integral role in localising damage and containing fire

Design and Build