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Telstar introduces ionHP biodecontamination technology

Reduced bio-decontamination cycle times are possible

Europe | Cleaning | Manufacturing

Dortek to supply cleanroom doors to Francis Crick Institute

One of the largest contracts ever awarded to the company

Design and Build | Europe

EU GMP Annex 15 Revisions: Improving Qualification and Validation

Validation and qualification form an important part of the quality system in the pharmaceutical sector and can be defined in different ways. Tim Sandle, Head of Microbiology, BPL, UK discusses some standard definitions from a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) perspective

Europe | Regulatory | Measurement and Analysis

Mercury Systems opens Advanced Microelectronics Centre in Hudson, NH

Expands manufacturing of RF/microwave and other advanced microelectronics technology for the defence industry

Design and Build | North America | Electronics

ECHA releases new chemical classification and labelling database

Contains information on notified and registered chemical substances

Europe | Regulatory

A clean break for aseptic handling

The use of split butterfly valves in sterile manufacturing can provide many production benefits. Christian Dunne and Ben Wylie, from ChargePoint Technology, explain how

Containment | Manufacturing

Detecting unknown and known gases

Gas detection can be simple where a single gas or perhaps two are to be monitored, but in cases of possible contamination detection the requirement is more complex. Antti Heikkilä from Gasmet Technologies looks at how FTIR technology is addressing this issue

Europe | Regulatory | Measurement and Analysis | Manufacturing

Shepherd Engineering Services wins contract as part of £40m building project in Cambridge

Shepherd will provide mechanical and electrical services for a range of labs and cleanrooms

Design and Build | Europe

Choosing the right grade of steam

There is growing recognition that plant steam is simply not clean enough for some applications. Spirax Sarco reviews the different steam grades commonly used and the guidance available for different sectors and applications


Global disposable gloves market to reach US$7.85bn by 2019, forecasts study

Asia Pacific region is anticipated to be the fastest-growing market in volume terms over next six years

Clothing and Personal Equipment | Europe | North America | Latin America | Asia

LED facility and competence centre built in Romania

A joint project between the Fraunhofer IPA and Romanian partner Microelectronica SA has resulted in the design and build of a state-of-the-art LED facility in Romania, followed by a specialist quality and cleanliness competence centre

Design and Build | Europe