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MayAir secures US$10.6 million of contract wins

The industrial contract is for cleanroom fan filtration units for a producer of precision optoelectronics thin-film components in China

Electronics | Manufacturing and Equipment

Zenith Hygiene completes acquisition of CCL Pentasol

CCL Pentasol Water Treatment division is rebranded to Zenith Water Engineering  

Europe | Cleaning | Manufacturing and Equipment

Evaluation and safe handling of ADCs and their toxic payloads: Part 2

In this second article of a two-part series, John Farris, CIH, and Robert Sussman, PhD DABT, SafeBridge Consultants, cover the safe handling of antibody-drug conjugates in pharmaceutical facilities and the control measures needed to protect workers from exposure risks

Containment | Regulatory | Manufacturing and Equipment | Pharmaceuticals

Proxy Biomedical formally announces facility expansion and jobs growth in Ireland

The expansion will double the firm's ISO Class 8/100,000 cleanroom manufacturing facilities for biomaterial focused medical implant products

Europe | Finance

New ISO 7 cleanroom for Union Plastic

To support the French firm's business growth in injection-moulded plastic parts for the healthcare industry

Design and Build | Europe

Factors to consider when choosing neutralisers for use in growth media

Environmental Monitoring is a GMP requirement to ensure drug products are made in a non-contaminating environment. Andrew Ramage and Harshad Joshi, Cherwell Laboratories, give a scientific and regulatory perspective on considerations when using neutralisers in growth media

Europe | Measurement and Analysis

Increased demand for high containment from Asia-Pacific region for PSL

Installs a GFD Filterbox at an active pharmaceutical ingredients manufacturer in Queensland, Australia

Containment | Europe | Manufacturing and Equipment

The evaluation and safe handling of ADCs and their toxic payloads: Part 1

The handling of ADCs in R&D and manufacturing requires careful examination of the potential health effects that may be caused by occupational exposure. In this first article of a two-part series, John Farris and Robert Sussman, SafeBridge Consultants, discuss the toxicology of ADCs

Merck starts construction of $115 million life science campus in Burlington, MA

New campus will serve as major life science hub for Merck with state-of-the-art M Lab laboratory for customer collaboration

Design and Build | North America

Why split butterfly valves owe a lot to rocket science

Many biopharmaceutucal containment operations would not be possible without the split butterfly valve. Christian Dunne, ChargePoint Technology, explains how the application of rocket science to such valves is making 21st century biopharmaceutical manufacturing cleaner and safer

Containment | Europe | Cleaning | Manufacturing and Equipment | Pharmaceuticals

Sealed Air acquires Cleaning in Place optimisation and remote monitoring firm

Saves time, reduces product loss and water and energy consumption, while improving quality, hygiene and yield

Europe | North America | Finance | Cleaning

New approaches to containment for small scale production

Many containment solutions are now available to enclose industrial scale production of highly potent ingredients, but Sylvain Querol, PSL, looks at containment strategies for smaller scale work during early stage drug research and development

Containment | Manufacturing and Equipment

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