Ansell's Sri Lanka manufacturing plant receives ISO 50001:2018 energy management certification

Published: 12-Jul-2023

Ansell Textiles Lanka, Sri Lanka, becomes the company's first facility to achieve ISO 50001:2018 energy management system

Ansell's Sri Lanka manufacturing plant has become the company's first facility to receive the ISO 50001:2018 certification.

This accomplishment highlights Ansell's commitment to incorporating, energy-efficient practices and technologies into our manufacturing processes.

ISO 50001:2018 is an internationally recognised energy management system that helps organisations better manage their energy-intensive assets and improve productivity. Improved energy performance can provide rapid benefits for an organisation by maximising its use of energy sources and energy-related assets, reducing both cost and consumption.

We intend to achieve ISO 50001 certification at all our operating locations worldwide

- Neil Salmon, CEO and Managing Director

The ISO 50001 certification breaks new ground in Ansell’s commitment to integrate a systematic energy productivity improvement mindset into its manufacturing operations. Joining Ansell’s long-term decarbonisation efforts, this certification will further Ansell’s goal to achieve Net Zero by 2040 for its operations.

This achievement also underscores Ansell’s actions to deliver on the commitments made when joining the Climate Group’s EP100 initiative last year.

“I congratulate our ATL team for this achievement as we strive for solutions that protect our future. By optimising our energy performance, we not only strengthen our environmental stewardship but also enhance our ability to deliver the highest quality products and services to our customers. This ISO 50001 achievement reflects our company’s commitment to sustainable practices and underscores our resolve to lead the way in energy efficient manufacturing, and we intend to achieve ISO 50001 certification at all our operating locations worldwide," said Neil Salmon, CEO and Managing Director. 

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