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Doors open for Cleanroom Technology Conference 2023!

The doors have opened for the largest Cleanroom Technology Conference to date! Co-located with Manufacturing Chemist LIVE, this event will welcome...

ChargePoint partners with Famat on HPAPI powder transfer

The companies have created an integrated valve solution capable of allowing operators to take a product sample during the course of the production...

PBSC provides custom decontamination solution for university medical cleanroom

NecstGen supports clinicians, academic, small, medium, and large commercial organisations worldwide to develop novel therapies for patients

The new challenges of Annex 1: The transfer of materials in and out of cleanrooms and critical zones

An interview with Dr Tim Sandle by Cristina Masciola, AM Instruments' Marketing & Communication Manager

SKAN completes cannabis containment order

Isolator specialist SKAN Group has increased its stake in the Belgian subsidiary Aseptic Technologies up to 85%

Tema Sinergie reveals new range of isolators for ATMPs

Birthed out of the company’s CC-IS isolator series, Tema has launched a new range that will be used for CAR-T therapies

Using Class II biosafety cabinets in aseptic processing

When keeping BSCs in line with cGMP standards, it is not just the cabinet, but also the process that needs to pass qualification. So how does this...

How is laminar airflow technology enabling the industry to meet aseptic processing demand?

There is a growing demand for aseptic processing capacity; from both drug developers and their contract development and manufacturing organisation...

Risk management and GMP Annex 1

Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions takes a look at the strategies one can use when looking to minimise contamination

First new cleanroom pods arrive in Africa

BioNTech is also pursuing facility developments in Senegal and South Africa, in close coordination with each country

‘Plug and play’ autoclaves for a £4.2m research hub

Steriliser and autoclave specialist Astell installs ‘plug & play’ autoclaves at a £4.2m EU-backed Secure Facility for Animal & Human Pathogen Resea...

Customising fume cupboards for EV battery recycling

Recycling research to make electric car battery usage more circular required a custom containment solution for the hydrofluoric acid produced. Susi...

How combined expertise is fuelling Envair Technology’s international growth

Demand for clean air and containment solutions has grown, as manufacturers look to ensure that their workers are protected

3 lessons from COVID-19 about reconciling sterility with efficiency

The challenges pharmaceutical companies have faced in the race to develop a COVID vaccine and the key lessons they can bring into 2022 and beyond....

PBSC shares bespoke designs for CAPS sterile products facility

The 249,000 sqft building in Phoenix Arizona is a significant expansion and includes 16,000 sqft of cleanroom manufacturing

ATMPs: Putting pass boxes through their paces

The basics of performance testing PTBs in autologous ATMP plants for GMP compliance looking at a specific case. Frans Saurwalt and Derek Vissers ex...