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Envair Technology reports 18% year-on-year rise in international sales

The specialist UK manufacturer of clean air and containment solutions has seen a huge increase in international sales

Esco installs aseptic containment isolator at leading Thai hospital

The company has provided a HPI unit, which is an isolator intended for the handling and compounding of chemotherapy drugs for cancer patients

3 lessons from COVID-19 about reconciling sterility with efficiency

The challenges pharmaceutical companies have faced in the race to develop a COVID vaccine and the key lessons they can bring into 2022 and beyond....

Extract Technology announces UK expansion for containment tech

The UK-based aseptic and containment systems specialist has made its second infrastructure expansion since its acquisition by the Dec Group in mid-...

Zener finds sterile isolator sensor issue during routine maintenance

Zener Engineering Services has found a worrying oversight during a maintenance review of a company's equipment

ATMPs: Putting pass boxes through their paces

The basics of performance testing PTBs in autologous ATMP plants for GMP compliance looking at a specific case. Frans Saurwalt and Derek Vissers ex...

Isolators on a film set: An oddjob for Envair

Working as a film set consultant is not your average day for those in the controlled environment sector, but who better to bring a top-secret resea...

Esco Lifesciences Taiwan passes containment safety accreditation

The Taiwan-based controlled environment containment specialist has secured the Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF) certification for specific pro...

Tema Sinergie chooses Brazilian partner for barrier isolation tech

STEQ Comércio e Representações has been chosen to represent the Barrier Isolation Technology business unit in Brazil

The basics of pass through boxes and GMP application

A look at the fundamental physics applied for adequate contamination control using PTBs. Frans Saurwalt and Derek Vissers from Kropman Contaminatio...

20 questions with Lonza HPAPI containment expert

An in-depth discussion about Highly Potent APIs (HPAPIs) and their containment with Christian Dowdeswell VP, Head of Commercial Development, Small...

TEMA Sinergie launches automatic aseptic vial filling system

AseptiFill has been specifically designed for the production of small batches of injectable products for clinical and pre-clinical trials and tests

Cleanroom Technology Conference: what did you miss?

The 2021 hybrid event has begun wrapping up in Birmingham and many are now mulling over the interesting debates and business discussions from the l...

Esco installs two-glove isolator for chemotherapy preparation

Esco Lifesciences installed an Esco Isoclean Healthcare Platform Isolator at a Thai hospital for the preparation of chemotherapy drugs

Gazing into the crystal ball: how are containment systems evolving to meet future market challenges?

ChargePoint Technology’s Senior Product Manager, Ben Wylie, explores the latest trends in containment and advises how pharmaceutical companies can...