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Last chance to attend the Cleanroom Technology Conference Singapore

Only a few days left until the highly anticipated Cleanroom Technology Conference Singapore on 5-6 December 2023. Don't miss this unique event in Asia

A guide to walk-on ceilings

Mastering walk-on capabilities in cleanroom ceilings is a crucial aspect of design and safety for cleanroom environments where they are installed

Dr. Ma Laboratories selects Orion Construction for NHP cleanroom in Canada

Orion Construction has provided an update on the tenant improvement project in Surrey, BC

The impact of connected workers on manufacturing efficiency

From minute chemical calculations to colossal production scales, every component in pharmaceutical manufacturing has to run like a well-oiled machi...

Mariana Oncology chooses PIDC for new office and ISO Class 7 cleanroom fit-out

Mariana Oncology chose PIDC to deliver a 40,000 sqft tenant fit-out project of its new office and lab space at the life science space, 100 Forge

Monmouth Scientific launches new hybrid fume cupboard at Lab Innovations

Monmouth Scientific has introduced the new Circulaire Hybrid Fume Cupboard which aims to make a significant impact by reducing both the volume of e...

Setting up camp: What you need to know about cleanroom tents

What are some of the benefits and limitations of this emerging solution, and what industries is it suited to? Michael Skidmore takes a look at Monm...

Your cleanroom equipment: Calculating the carbon footprint

Climate protection is not only dominating public discourse; it is also influencing the way we think about pharmaceutical production processes. Calc...

Pharmaceutical training specialist Concept Heidelberg expands

Concept Heidelberg has finished work on its new building and now uses almost 2,000 square meters of office space.

AdvanceTEC completes biotech project leveraging advanced BIM/VDC technology

AdvanceTEC has completed another turnkey design-build project for a biotech firm, in collaboration with a leading EPCM firm

Counteracting product loss during the inline inspection of vials

There’s a great deal at stake when pharmaceutical manufacturers fill expensive liquid formulations into vials; errors during the fill-finish proces...

What’s wrong with Annex 1

Alexander Fedotov, Director of Clean Technologies (formerly Invar-Project), talks about some of the changes to the new Annex 1 and his reasonings o...

Zendal chooses Albian Group for first human vaccine plant in Portugal

Spain-based Albian Group has completed work on the Albian Group's 4,100 sqm facility for the manufacture of viral and bacterial vaccines

Pharmaceuticals and food: same hygienic principles, different execution

The fundamental design principles of hygienic systems for food and drinks are similar to pharmaceuticals, such as vaccines, however, the execution...

Germfree and Title21 launch decentralised innovation for CGT manufacturing

Germfree Laboratories and Title21 Health Solutions have created a mobile manufacturing platform seamlessly integrated with an advanced manufacturin...

Aseptic filling PUPSIT: What is it? Should I? Must I? How do I? Where do I?

There are several predictable debates and considerations that all aseptic filling operations face whether they be a newly defined project, ­­or par...