As Rishi Sunak settles for a generic lectern, Teknomek goes specific, with its first lectern especially for cleanrooms

Published: 8-Nov-2022

Hygienic furniture specialist Teknomek has launched its first ultra-sterile Hygienox lectern range

Whilst the world watched the latest British Prime Minister break tradition by conducting his first speech using a generic, pre-loved wooden lectern*, Teknomek further reinforced its commitment to developing products that are designed specifically for ultra-hygienic settings.

Created especially for A & B Grade cleanroom environments where compliance with ISO 14644 is critical, Hygienox lecterns from Teknomek are manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel as standard: offering customers the ultimate in future proof, hygienic equipment.

The new lectern is 600mm wide to comfortably hold documents up to A3 size and is available in both a mobile and static version.

As with all Hygienox cleanroom furniture, it is the attention to detail which makes the new lecterns valuable for industry sectors where adhering to ISO Class 5 standards is critical.

  • The easy clean design features open, hygienic corners; no overlapping joints, unnecessary lips or double returns, and the use of tubular braces to minimise horizontal surfaces where particles can rest and multiply.
  • There are no plastic parts. The lectern is entirely made from 316 grade stainless steel, which contains Molybdenum to improve the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel and provide added robustness and longevity.
  • All joints are welded and then sealed with non-shedding silicone, with every weld pickled and polished to remove any burn marks.
  • The feet of the lectern have no exposed threads to trap corrosive cleaning fluid, with anti-slip feet also designed to avoid marking the floor.
  • For the mobile Hygienox lecterns, castors have been specially commissioned to include a chemical resistant polypropylene wheel inside a 316-grade stainless steel body to ensure there is no opportunity for corrosion and contamination.

The lectern is the second item in the new Hygienox range, adding to the tables launched in the summer.

“Our customers have told us that they need specialist products that support aseptic environments, where effective particle management and contamination control is critical to support efficient risk management,” explains Michelle Locke, Product and Marketing Manager at Teknomek. “As with our range of Hygienox tables, in the design and manufacture of our new lecterns we have not compromised. Instead creating products that are ideal for environments where the ISO 14644 Class 5 standard is everything.”

“We know that our customers are having to use ever higher concentrations of Chlorine and hydrogen peroxide to ensure they meet cleanroom standards,” continues Michelle. “But harsh cleaning chemicals can reduce the lifespan of furniture built using 304-grade stainless steel, leading to surface corrosion and even rust.  Our Hygienox lecterns use 316L-grade stainless steel because it is more robust and able to withstand even the harshest of chemicals to avoid pitting and corrosion.”

In addition, the 316L stainless steel used in the lecterns has an ultra-smooth finish. Chemicals can pool on coarser surfaces if not thoroughly removed with IPA wipes and, over time, the trace amounts of these chemicals will corrode, stain and contaminate the passive layer of the 304 stainless steel leaving tiger stripes.

“The ultra-smooth finish of our lecterns means they are easier to clean,” continues Michelle Locke. “The lower surface roughness of the steel allows for fewer microscopic grooves where harsh chemical cleaning fluids can lurk and corrode the furniture. The ultra-smooth finish of the lectern is also less abrasive; preventing friction between the unit and any surfaces it may come into contact with, such as files or documents. Any abrasive contact could cause particles to be released into the atmosphere and pose a risk to hygiene."

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