Asgard Cleanroom Solutions

Asgard Cleanroom Solutions design and construct Cleanrooms for the Pharmaceutical & Biotech, EV / General Battery and Semiconductor / Microelectronics Sectors in Ireland, UK, EMEA and North America.

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Asgard provide controlled environments across multiple industrial sectors. Asgard always work in partnership with our clients and supply chain to design, develop and construct innovative controlled environment solutions.


Asgard have designed and constructed cleanrooms for all aspects of pharmaceutical & biological sectors, from clinical trial to pilot scale facilities, research, and development through to small / medium & large-scale manufacturing facilities. We cover a wide range of Cleanroom Services from the routine maintenance of your facility to a bespoke designed service.

Asgard has a solid track record of completing projects on time, to budget, and surpassing performance targets. We've successfully completed DQ/IQ/OQ without exception and we are cGMP (GxP) compliant. We work in partnership with architectural engineering houses, main contractors (EPCMv Contractors) and End Users to build a long-term working relationship. We adhere to the highest regulated standards set out by regulatory bodies, such as ISO and the FDA.

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