AUSTAR Group are a technology-based pharmaceutical engineering solution provider with its business covering more than 50 countries and regions, partnering with world-leading pharmaceutical companies to protect and promote human health.

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Over 1500 people in different regions deliver technically guaranteed pharmaceutical engineering solutions that assist our clients to set up drug production facilities and contribute to world drug safety and efficacy.

With full spectrum of pharmaceutical technology knowledge, the company has leading technical application capabilities and high-quality equipment & systems in the area of Clean Utilities, Pharmaceutical Automation & Digitalization, Pharmaceutical Formulation Technology, Biopharma Process & Technology, Regulatory Compliance & Operation Excellence, Laboratory Technology & Facilities, Biosafety Technology & Facilities, Cleaning, Sterilization & Disinfection, Clean Room/HVAC/EMS/BMS, Quality/Measurement & Analytics, Filling, Freeze-Drying & Inspection, Containment Technology.

Worldwide technical experts, professional equipment production sites and experienced engineering execution team ensure AUSTAR’s technical R&D, quality-assured equipment manufacture, project management and execution capability; Dedicated service team could provide continuous supports for clients’ long-term success in respect of excellent operation, cost efficiency; Working with our partners, AUSTAR distributes various quality-assured pharmaceutical equipment and life science consumables.

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