BeMicron: Get gown on it

Published: 27-Nov-2017

Cleanroom gowning specialists BeMicron explains to Cleanroom Technology its products and solutions for decontaminating clothing

BeMicron has collaborated with equipment supplier Lapauw to develop machines that comply with good manufacturing practice GMP, with particular attention to parameter control.

Monitoring of the environment

Monitoring of the environment

Washing machine

Microbiological clothing decontamination chamber enabling 6 log microbe reduction validated by BeMicron


A super cleanroom with an air-change rate of more than 4000 times an hour, enabling decontamination of particles on the clothing surface

Decontamination and monitoring process

The aseptic production chain is maintained. BeMicron uses continuous monitoring of the key elements of the process

Traceability of batches, checked using the Helmke drum test

Traceability of batches, checked using the Helmke drum test

A controlled environment

Cleanroom specially adapted for a decontamination unit. The folding tables have been specially developed to ensure maximum protection of the product

Permanent monitoring screens

To facilitate the work of the operators

Particle and microbiological control

The particle meter sensors provide a continuous feed to the monitoring of the critical points. The microbiological samples are recorded in the process database


With ISO standards and GMP rules: we supply as standard a process for the treatment of grade A and B clothing

Aseptic packaging

Aseptic packaging


Aseptic packaging of the clothing in BeMicron sterile bags

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