Bouygues E&S upgrades unclassified cleanroom

Published: 3-Apr-2023

Bouygues E&S completed an upgrade for a pharmaceutical company based in Dundee, Scotland

In early 2023, Bouygues E&S completed an upgrade for a pharmaceutical company based in Dundee, Scotland.

The company develops healthcare solutions designed specifically for the UK—from next-generation diagnostic tools to trusted medicines that help people of all ages.

The pharmaceutical firm required its existing unclassified cleanroom to be upgraded to achieve ISO Class 8 cleanroom classification standards and improve energy efficiency. The cleanroom will help them undertake technical production and dispensing of their latest products within a critically controlled environment. 

Bouygues Energies & Services have had an ongoing relationship with the client for many years carrying out various works on their facility. Based on the existing relationship and previous experience, Bouygues E&S were selected to carry out the upgrade of their cleanroom.

Working on the project

Bouygues provided a turnkey solution that included mechanical and electrical support, removing all existing non-compliant elements, and replacing them with cleanroom-grade components. Timber doors and vision panels, ceiling, lighting and the existing HVAC system were all replaced by new cleanroom-grade solutions to achieve ISO 8 classification.

The project also included the supply and installation of a new steam humidifier and installation of a cleanroom-grade fast-action roller shutter. During the project, the existing ductwork serving the cleanroom had Aeroseal installed which dramatically reduced leakage from the ductwork providing significant energy savings. Total energy savings was indicated to be approximately 40%.

The initial programme of work indicated 6 weeks. However, Bouygues Energies & Services were able to complete the work in 2 weeks utilising their skills and experience. In return minimise downtime for the client’s cleanroom production area. Now the client benefits from a modern ISO 8 classified cleanroom designed to be energy efficient.

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