Christeyns Food Hygiene expands CIP offering

Published: 3-Jul-2018

New bespoke containerised CIP system is designed for optimising cleaning equipment in the food and dairy industry

Christeyns Food Hygiene UK has partnered with H&M Disinfection Systems to launch a new containerised CIP system for optimising cleaning equipment in the food and dairy industry.

Container In Place is a bespoke, containerised cleaning-in-place (CIP) system, which comes fully loaded and self-contained, ready to be connected directly to existing pipework, tanks and associated equipment. The system is designed to provide an immediate and cost-effective upgrade to cleaning requirements.

In many plants, CIP equipment can be old and those responsible for its specification, installation and setting of parameters may no longer be with the business. In addition, modifications to the CIP set may have taken place over time, changing the original operating parameters or flow dynamics, which can affect the efficacy of a clean.

Emerging food safety challenges in recent years, such as allergen management and species control, may have also placed additional burdens on the equipment.

Modernising or replacing a CIP set itself requires capital expenditure that may be difficult to secure. There is also the challenge of being able to assign a sufficient break in a production schedule to replace pumps, tanks, heat exchangers and control equipment.

Christeyns' new Container in Place system is completely self-contained with its own heating system and because it only requires a water and power source it can be flexibly situated. The system also provides full PLC control, CIP printed reports and remote access.

The full system fits inside a standard 20-foot shipping container and can be built to order in around three months.

Christeyns claims the Container in Place not only frees up factory space but also allows a CIP system to grow alongside the business, without any interruption in production. It also acts as a backup system during breakdowns or maintenance.

Headquartered in Warrington, Christeyns Food Hygiene specialises in flexible solutions for cleaning and sanitising. With around 30 years of experience, the company works across the food, beverage, brewing, dairy and pharmaceutical industries.

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