Clean Room Construction rebrands

Published: 3-Sep-2019

New corporate image underlines the company’s focus on engineering innovative solutions for science and technology customers

Cleanroom design and build specialist Clean Room Construction Ltd (CRC) has completed a rebrand that underlines the company’s focus on engineering innovative solutions for its science and technology customers.

CRC has been in operation for more than 50 years, building a client base that value the company's experience and expertise in designing and building complex and critical cleanrooms and controlled environments.

Commenting on the new corporate image, Steve Lawton, CRC’s Managing Director, said: "We are trusted as experienced and reliable professionals but we wanted a fresh identity to underline our strong focus on innovation."

Lawton said complex and critical projects require first-class innovative solutions and CRC has been privileged to work on many ground-breaking projects for world-class universities and hospitals and leading-edge microelectronics, biotechnology and nanotechnology companies as well as some of the UK’s major manufacturing, healthcare and pharmaceutical players over the last 52 years in business.

"We wanted our new corporate identity to stand out with a cleaner and clearer logo while underlining our focus on innovation, without losing sight of the standards, authority and integrity which help to ensure that our customers return to us again and again,” Lawton explained.

Advertising, stationery and other promotional materials will now incorporate the new corporate identity while print and online advertising will also feature the new strapline: "Leading the way in innovative cleanroom design and build".

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