AdvanceTEC integrates “End-to-End Prefabrication"

Published: 13-May-2024

Cleanroom design and build expert AdvanceTEC’s Innovation Centre has hit a pivotal milstone with integrated end-to-end prefabrication deliveries

AdvanceTEC, a cleanroom design, construction, and mission-critical process integration company, has integrated end-to-end prefabrication deliveries at its Innovation Centre.

This milestone was reached through substantial investment in its state-of-the-art innovation centre, marking a significant step forward in technological advancement.

The US-based company is revolutionising its process of delivering prefabrication and modularisation services through its latest advancements in:

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)technology
  • Digital scanning
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Cloud-based workflows

This systematic process spans the entire spectrum of cleanroom project execution, which includes the following stages.

  1. The initial design concept
  2. Moving fluidly through fabrication at the Innovation Centre
  3. AdvanceTEC’s logistics and sequenced on-site installation

AdvanceTEC’s Innovation Centre has been scaled to serve projects throughout the US

Bryan Phelan, Managing Partner and Director of Customers at AdvanceTEC, said: "Since our inception 25 Years ago, AdvanceTEC has been at the forefront of the cleanroom industry, offering unparalleled engineering, technology, and execution methods that enable our customers’ business plans.”

“Following years of intensive investment in technology and our offsite prefabrication and modularisation capabilities at our innovation centre, we are now seeing the fruits of our labour,” Phelan said.

“Currently, we are driving upwards of a dozen leading biotech projects with advanced off-site prefabrication and integrated real-time logistics. Since our Innovation Centre became operational last July, our services have expanded to include integrated MEP and process into our shipments —all while ensuring our clients have real-time transparency from the beginning of their project to its successful completion,” Phelan concluded.

AdvanceTEC’s Innovation Centre has been scaled to serve projects throughout the US.

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