Cleanroom construction expert Guardtech Group upgrades to new HQ

Published: 5-Sep-2023

The UK-based cleanroom construction expert has put the finishing touches on its impressive new Guardtech House HQ in Haverhill

The Guardtech Group are on the move, in more ways than one. The Suffolk-based cleanroom construction specialists are settling into a stunning new home, a stone’s throw from their previous office in Haverhill.

The new HQ, now known as Guardtech House, will feature several high-spec conference rooms and breakout areas, a staff gym and other leisure facilities, and is adorned throughout with the vibrant five-colour branding for which the Group has become renown in the past two years.

The move underlines the Group’s significant growth over the past two years, with more projects secured than ever before in the company’s history while bolstering the number of permanent staff numbers from 20 to 40.

This has been coming for quite some time

- Commercial Director Mark Wheeler

The restructure from Guardtech Cleanrooms in early 2022 to the five-brand all-bases-covered Guardtech Group, now including Cleanroom Solutions, CleanCube, Isopod and Isoblok, had already led to the introduction of a new manufacturing facility in Brandon.

But the continued progress has now seen the company outgrow their premises at The Brocks Business Park and the controlled environments kings and queens now have a roomy new home that befits the company’s burgeoning reputation as a go-to solutions provider for controlled environment construction.

Cleanroom construction expert Guardtech Group upgrades to new HQ

“This has been coming for quite some time,” said Commercial Director Mark Wheeler. “We’ve been on the lookout for a new home that reflects the style, substance and dynamism our talented teams show on a daily basis, and we’re delighted to have finally found a perfect setting for the next chapter in the Group’s development.”

The Guardtech Group are on a roll at the moment, with more than ten live construction projects currently underway, not just in the UK – but as far afield as Zurich, Switzerland and Jena, Germany.

This is alongside a steady stream of CleanCube Mobile Cleanrooms and Isopod Rapid Cleanrooms for clients at home and abroad.

Operations Director Conor Barwise, who has driven Guardtech’s rise from a modest provider of cleanrooms to the multi-brand powerhouse it is today, praised all the staff who have helped to get the company to where it is today.

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“To be standing in our new home right now, considering where we’ve come from and what we’ve been through – it’s a special feeling,” he said.

“We’re extremely proud of our new home and we simply wouldn’t be here without the tireless efforts of so many exceptional members of the team over the years.

“We feel like we finally have a home that represents the heart of Guardtech and we’re now looking forward to cementing, and building upon, our place as a trusted provider of high-quality cleanroom construction services all over the world.”

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