Clestra Cleanroom and PPG Cleanroom announce merger

Published: 27-Jan-2022

The two cleanroom design & build experts have merged to provide a fast and quality response to the needs of a fast-growing international market

After 15 years of sustainable cooperation, Clestra Cleanroom and PPG Cleanroom have gone a step further joining forces to create a leading European company in the cleanroom area. To be able to provide a fast and quality response to the needs of a fast-growing international market is the reason behind this decision and our principal goal.

As a global player in the design and construction of turnkey cleanrooms, Clestra considers this merger an opportunity not only to diversify its offer and strengthen its geographical presence in Western and Central Europe, and the Middle East, but to also increase penetration in the global marketplace, with the support of its North American and Asian network.

The merger foresees that Clestra group shall gradually acquire control over PPG Cleanroom, thus creating synergies with its Clestra Cleanroom division.

On its end, PPG Cleanroom (formerly POLI PANEL GROUP Co) is a specialist in cleanrooms design, construction, building and validation. It has over 35 years of expertise in designing and executing contamination-controlled environments.

The merger foresees that Clestra group shall gradually acquire control over PPG Cleanroom

Its latest innovation, NAYA, an autonomous, modular, and convertible cleanroom unit, is entirely in line with Clestra group's strategy of building ready-to-use modules for facilities as a way to minimise and overcome site constraints.

Clestra and PPG Cleanroom TOGETHER will compile:

  • 900+ employees
  • A presence in European countries, Middle East, Africa, Asia and the US
  • A unique industrial capacity for producing a full range of cleanroom equipment with several dedicated production capacities in Europe and Asia.

Vincent Paul-Petit, CEO of Clestra group, said: "In a fast-growing market of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and micro-electronics sectors, Clestra Cleanroom will offer its customers more complete solutions, either as turnkey solutions or by supplying and installing products for larger projects."

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Miroslav Tonovski, CEO of PPG Cleanroom, added: "Together with Clestra Cleanroom we will continue to set high standards in order to achieve and provide the best results for our customers."

The how and why

The complementarities and synergies between the two companies in terms of activities, products, expertise, and know-how will enable them to make a better market offer, by:

  • Having a strong engineering team for the design of cleanrooms, based on EU GMP/FDA requirements and consultancy
  • Providing a guarantee for the quality and successful completion of projects through a unique industrial capacity;
  • Building an efficient fitting structure;
  • Offering customers high-performance and competitive products as well as 'turnkey' solutions;
  • Responding to large-scale markets throughout the world.

Clestra has completed biotechnology projects for many global pharma industries, semiconductor and food industries all over the world, and recently participated in comprehensive projects like the Biogen Project in Switzerland, Teva in Germany, UCB in Belgium, or Nanoform in Finland, for a total of over 1000 projects performed so far.

Both companies will keep their current management structure continuing thus to serve their customers in an autonomous manner.

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