Compact FMSnode integrates cleanroom sensors

Published: 26-Nov-2012

It has an open software structure and modular design

PMT (Particle Measuring Technique)’s FMSnode system has an open software structure and modular design. Optimised for integrating sensors, temperature monitoring in cooling units and particle counters the system is available for virtually any sensor (TCP/IP Ethernet protocols, Power-over-Ethernet connectivity, Modbus protocols, OPC connectivity, 4–20mA analog interfaces).

The ultra-compact design of FMSnode systems allows complex monitoring tasks to be displayed in a well-structured manner by using standardised and industry-proven functional modules, the company says.

FMS 5.0 software is at the core of the monitoring process. This collects GMP-relevant monitoring results in a tamper-proof SQL database, which can be mirrored to external servers to increase redundancy of data recording. This can optionally be installed on a parallel-run computer; it automatically steps in should hardware problems occur on the primary computer.

In some application-typical base configurations FMSnode systems can be delivered as prequalified turn-key solutions, while still supporting customer-specific system modifications and extending the FMSnode concept in large-scale systems.

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